Silica Gel

Silica gel – is a product obtained by dehydration of sodium silicate. This substance exhibits the best absorption capacity with moisture  content 5-7%,. After drying silica gel resembles a glassy solid mass with high porousness. Exactly this property, as well as its mechanical strength are the reasons for the continuing research in new methods of obtaining silica gel. Pores are even in size and are regularly distributed over the entire volume of substance. The methods for production of small-pore and large-pore silica gels are uniform. They are commonly used in a grain size of 0,2-7 mm. After absorbing moisture, silica’s ability to interact with vapors or other substances is significantly reduced. Compared with activated carbon, silica has one distinct advantage – in withstanding high temperatures. But with temperature fluctuations it can crack and spill. Technical silica gel is granulated and  lumpy depending on the form of grains. It is produced in  batches. The product quality document must contain the following information:
  • Product name;
  • Manufacturer name and trademark ;
  • Batch number;
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Number of units in a batch;
  • Mass;
  • Tested according to norms and regulations.