СММ-0.6 transoformer oil degassing units available!

GlobeCore completed development, production and testing of the CMM-0.6 units.

This new unit was developed to meet the demand for smaller transformer oil degassing units. Beside degassing, this unit can be used for pumping the oil and removing particulate matter and water. The processing rate of the unit is 0.6 m3/hour.

The CMM-0.6 has a simple design and consists of a vacuum chamber, a ceramic heater, a pump and filters with replaceable cartridges.

The unit processes transformer oil to meet the following requirements:

  • dielectric strength above 60 kV (if the oil has not been used in a transformer);
  • moisture content below 10 ppm. Further improvement of oil is possible by running it through the unit multiple times;
  • gas content below 0.1% in several processing cycles.

The CMM-0.6 by GlobeCore is simple in operation and servicing, noiseless and can be powered by regular electrical grid.

СММ-0.6 degassing unit specifications




1 Processing rate, m3/hour


2 50 Hz AC voltage, V


3 Nominal power, kW


4 Pre-filter, micron


5 Filtration fineness, micron


6 Purification class (ISO 4406)


7 Dielectric strength of the oil after one pass, kV min


8 Dimensions (hoses excluded) max, mm
— length


— width


— height


9 Weight (empty) max, kg


* – any voltage available at customer’s request;

** – processing of unused oil.

The unit is equipped with foaming and spill protection. Process temperature is controlled by means of a special regulator.

СММ-0.6 are already available for orders. If any of the parameters of the unit do not suit your needs, contact our managers and fill out a questionnaire to customize the equipment.

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