Oil Regeneration Plant




Oil Regeneration System UVR-0.1

The most sophisticated to date oil reuse method is regeneration, defined by EEC Directive as “ any process whereby base oils can be produced by refining waste oils, in particular by removing the contaminants, oxidation products and additives contained therein”.




Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant CMM-2R

Oil regeneration unit CMM2-R (with 2 columns) is are designed to extend the life of transformers by recovery of the dielectric strength and chemical composition of insulating oils. During the oil regeneration, decomposition products are removed from oil as well as acid components



Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant CMM-6R

  • The unit is used during installation, maintenance and operation of oil-filled high voltage equipment (power transformers, high-voltage switchgear, etc.).
  • The unit is designed for processing of electric insulation oils and servicing of transformers.



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