Oil Filtration Plant



Mobile oil treatment unit CMM-0,5

СММ-0,5 oil treatment units are designed for pumping, heating, degassing and purifying of transformer oil from mechanical impurities and moisture.

СММ-0,5 unit for degassing and purification of transformer oils has following advantages:

  • simple design and compact size;
  • parts produced by leading world producers;
  • oil purification to 8-9 purity class according to ISO 4406;
  • anti-foaming system;
  • oil leak sensor sounding an alarm signal in case of leakage;
  • upgrading of breakdown voltage of new oil up to 60 kV in one pass;
  • noiseless operation;
  • can be connected to electricity via usual socket (220 V);
  • easy to operate (unit is equipped with quick release fasteners Camlock type).



Oil filtration plant CFU-1.7

Oil Filtration Plant CFU is designed for removal of mechanical contaminations from transformer and lubricating oils.




Turbine oil filtration plant CMM-1.2T

  • Regenerates oil to “like new” conditions on energized transformers;
  • Removes sludge from cellulose insulation;
  • Improves dielectric strength;
  • Removes corrosive sulfur;
  • Improves oxidation stability;
  • Reuse Fuller’s Earth sorbent material up to 300 times.



Turbine oil filtration plant CMM-4.0T

  • Removes Water from 100 ppm down to 10 ppm and from 50 ppm to 5 ppm in a single pass (ASTM method D-1533);
  • Reduces Gas content from fully saturated with air (10 to 12% by volume) to less than 0.1% (ASTM D-2945);
  • Removes Particulate Matter to 5 microns as standard or down to 1 micron (optional);
  • Improve dielectric strength up to 75 kV;
  • Mobile and stationary plants are available.