Cubicle switchboards

cubicle switchboards

Cubicle switchboard is a special unit for receiving and distributing electricity. It includes connecting devices, connecting buses, collecting buses, measurement devices, relay protection and automation devices.

Cubicle switchboards can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are most often used to power vessels, oil and gas facilities, in electrical substations etc.

The cubicle is usually divided into four compartments: three high voltage sections and one low voltage. The high voltage section includes cable section, switch section and collecting bus sections, the low voltage section contains a relay cabinet.

Input section allows to install cable harness, measuring current transformers and voltage transformers. The collecting bus section contains power buses which connect regulation device cabinets. The switch section contains a power switch and other high voltage devices. The relay section usually contains breakers, switches, protection and automation relays. The door of this section is equipped with signal light, power measurement instruments, as well as cell controls.