Drying of silica gel

Silica gel occupies a special place among adsorbents used industrially. Its application exceeds zeolites and aluminum oxide.

Silica gel has greater thermal stability and physical strength than other absorbers, such as activated charcoal. Thanks to its good hydrophilic properties, it is very valuable for drying air, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. Also, silica gel is used to absorb water from various industrial liquids such as transformer oils.

Understandably, the volume of absorbed water is limited and the adsorbent needs to be dried for further use.

The new drying cabinet SSZ-15B of GlobeCore is designed to remove water from silica gel with particle size above 1 mm. The cabinet is multifunctional, it can also be used in other industries that require heating, heat strengthening and baking of materials or parts.

The new improved model of SSZ-15B, in comparison with the previous models, has the following advantages:

  • Operating temperature up to 400 ° C;
  • Removable trays (could dry 100 l of sorbent);
  • Automatic temperature control system (with temperature variations  ± 9 ° C);
  • A screw lock on the door reduces paint stripping and improves pressure sealing.

A circulation fan distributes heat evenly through all layers of the sorbent, providing high-quality drying.

Optionally SSZ-15B can be equipped with heating elements to reach 800 ° C, which will significantly expand the application scope of the drying cabinet. It is also possible to install an automatic temperature control system, which will not allow to open the cabinet until it has cooled down. This option will protect personnel from burns.