Filtering Oil to Increase Service Life of Hydraulic Systems

The article considers the reasons of hydraulic drives failure at industrial plants.

A smooth operation of such equipment depends on the purity class of working fluid. In recent years there has been an increase in power of modern drives, which increases the requirements not only to a drive itself, but also to its hydraulic oil.   GlobeCore filtration plants, are designed to purify working fluids, reduces maintenance costs of hydraulic equipment, improves turnaround time and reduces downtime.

In general, the working fluid is characterized by a number of parameters: viscosity, density, flash point, etc.  And the most important parameter, in terms of reliability and trouble-free operation – is a purity class.  With decreasing of purity class –  the following effects are observed:

  • high sensitivity to contaminated fluid;
  • accelerated aging of hydraulic fluid as a result of contaminants;
  • unexpected equipment failures due to contamination;
  • increase of deterioration of equipment caused by contaminants;
  • loss of control over hydraulic drive due to water ingress into working fluid;
  • high cost of replacing contaminated working fluid.

It has been estimated that  70% of failures in  hydraulic equipment was caused  by solid contaminants in working fluid.  Therefore, purity class of working fluid directly affects the service life of hydraulic system components.  Fuel purity can be achieved only with competent filtration.

British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) conducted a research to determine a relation of hydraulic equipment and the class of working fluid.  The objects of research were metalworking, construction and transport machines, forging presses and marine hydraulics.  Obtained data showed that upgrading of working fluid can substantially reduce the turnaround time.  These results were also confirmed in the studies at Franklin Institute (USA).  They researched particles in oil effecting a piston pump with a working pressure of 200 bar.  The basic results are shown in Table 1.

Table 1

The number of particles > 5μm / 100ml Operating time before failure, hours
3000 – 6000 45 — 55
30000 – 45000 17 — 30
110000 – 180000 7 — 10

In order to reduce costs of repairing hydraulic equipment, to decrease turnaround time and reduce downtime, it is necessary to regularly monitor and filter working fluid.

GlobeCore is the leading hydraulic oil filtration plant manufacturer. The main advantage of GlobeCore equipment is its versatility: acquiring one plant, you get the opportunity to work not only with hydraulic oil, but also with other types of oil, without any complicated design modifications.

Saving the customer’s money and being ecologically friendly – these are  two major principles of GlobeCore. Entrust your equipment working fluid filtration to professionals!