Filters for Compressors

filter for compressor

Filter for compressor. Compressors are designed to compress air. They have special filters, which protect both the mechanisms of compressors and the gas used in the systems. The filter is selected according to the type of compressor. Let’s look at the most common types of filters.

Air filters are used to protect the compressor air chamber from dust. Generally, the rotary-screw compressor has a two-stage purification system which, first captures large particles of contaminants (coarse filter), and then small particles (fine filtration).

A filter for compressor oil purifies oil, which flows into the compressor chamber, removing dust.

Air-oil separators separate oil from air after passing through the compressor chamber. They do not directly affect the operation of compressors, but are still very important. Air-oil separators save oil and clean the air produced by the compressor.

Special attention should be paid to waste compressor oil. During operation the compressor oil falls under the influence of a number of negative factors (high temperatures, contamination by various impurities and gases). As a result, the oil loses some of its operational properties, and must either be replaced or regenerated to its original condition.

GlobeCore developed an oil treatment unit for compressor oils that reduces the water content  to 10 ppm and air content to 0.25% respectively, removes solid particles, extends the life of oil, increases the service life of compressors and reduces downtime  and amount of maintenance and repair work.