GlobeCore Oil Degassing Plant Additional Features

GlobeCore equipment is always effective, convenient and practical. Its additional features are not often in broad view because the focus is always on the main points. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the options of GlobeCore oil degassing equipment, which complement the commercially available models perfectly.

GlobeCore oil degassing unit equipped with GSM-module. It provides a  wireless mobile operation of the equipment. With a particular code, the operator can find the current temperature and the amount of mineral oil processed, and name the error that occurred (if any), etc. Waste oil recycling machine should be comfortable!

Oil level sensor

Oil level sensor  increases the safety of the degassing equipment. The operator simply sets the upper and lower levels of the insulating liquid. With an oil leak, for example, from a damaged hose, the sensor will give a command to shut down a  degassing plant and transformer overlap. The message will appear  that  there is a problem  to be  fixed.

Foam Control System

Starting a unit for oil degassing with wet oil or oil with a large gas content,  may result in  large amounts of foam. It prevents an operator to configure the unit, set its performance and greatly complicates its launch.

Special sensors  control the appearance of foam and with the help of  air inlet remove it. Foam monitoring goes continuously. If for any reason the foam is not removed during a certain period of time, the controller receives a signal and  stops the operation of the degassing equipment.

Drop sensor in the tray

When oil leaks on a tray a emergency sensor gives the command to shut down the equipment and issue an appropriate error message.

Automatic oil circulation

A quality sensor is installed in degassing equipment that monitors the required characteristics of transformer oil (humidity, color, etc.). In the case where it has not reached the desired parameters, the automatic circulation of the insulating oil is turned on. Oil during degassing process is circulating as long as its quality does not meet the existing requirements.

Adapting dimensions

GlobeCore Oil Degassing unit is designed to be delivered by: air, road, sea, etc.