GlobeCore Transformer Oil Heaters

Heaters for transformer oil are needed to commission a transformer in the cold season and during the first or repeated commissioning of transformers.

They can work both independently and as a part of the oil filtering systems. The heaters are some of the most important elements of the regeneration system, and greatly influence the dielectric properties of oils.

Transformer oil heaters operate under conditions of high temperature and high thermal instability of insulating fluids. The oil instability is caused by dissolved air and water. Therefore, the choice of heating devices must be approached responsibly.

GlobeCore In-line Oil Heaters

GlobeCore PPM in-line oil heaters heat transformer oil for refilling and replacement of oil, as well as drying of power transformers. This equipment heats transformer, turbine, industrial and other types of oil. PPM units can be successfully used by companies engaged in the repair and maintenance of power transformers.

GlobeCore produces three types of in-line heaters; PPM-18, PPM-50 and PPM-70. Comparison of specifications is shown below.

Comparison of Performance of PPM in-line heaters

Parameter Values
PPM-18 PPM-50 PPM-70
Capacity and pressure rate, bar m3 / h, max 2,2 1,2 4
Volumetric flow rate, bar, max 6 4 2,5
Power, kW 19,5 56 74
Parameters of electrical power On customer request
Power voltage, V 380
Heating temperature, ºС, max 120 150* 150*
Overall dimensions, mm max – length 800 1180 1220
– width 660 800 820
– height 1830 1870 1900
Weight, kg 180 400 500

* – On customer request the temperature can be raised to 200 ° C.

Benefits of GlobeCore heaters

PPM units use heater strips with a number of advantages compared with ceramic heaters. These advantages are:

  • Small and compact heating units that can be easily transported to the place of use;
  • Low heating power consumption;
  • No overheating. After switching the unit off, the oil temperature may rise by 15-20 degrees.
  • Easy to maintain.

Other applications of in-line heaters

PPM heaters can also be used for indirect heating of various containers, such as bitumen tanks.

GlobeCore produces standard heaters and customized heaters to meet requirements of existing processing lines.