NEW DESIGN OF OIL PURIFIER СММ-2Н! (Horizontal, light series)


Please be informed that GlobeCore put in production the mobile oil station SMM-2H to remove contamination from insulation oil as well as for thermo-vacuum dehydration and degassing.


  • Compact design
  • Cost effective
  • Semi automatic mode
  • Very silent-no injection pump, oil is pumped by means of vacuum
  • Booth with a new sealing
  • Advanced painting
  • Less of component parts
  • Vacuum column with a new cap


Technical data

1.Performance 2 m3/h

2.Oil parameters after treatment:

– Gas content of oil%-1,5

– Moisture content of oil, g / t-10

– Industrial grade according to ISO 4406 –/14/12

3.Size in mm LxHxW :1250, 1745,1225

4.Width, kg: 800


  1. Skid;
  2. Vacuum column;
  3. Heater;
  4. Filter blocks;
  5. Trap;
  6. Control box;
  7. Discharge pump;
  8. Vacuum pump;
  9. Manometers panel;
  10. Outlet;
  11. Inlet.