Dear fellows! Let me introduce new development of Sorbent Reactivation Unit CMM-4RP!

GlobeCore continue to widen range of produced equipment. This time I would like to represent Sorbent Reactivation Unit, which is designed to restore the properties of the waste sorbent (fuller’s earth, bleaching clay) used in sorbent cartridges oil filtering equipment UVR-450.

Sorbent Reactivation CMM 4RP



  • Capacity,300 kg/24 hours
  • Time for sorbent reactivation   -20 hours
  • Sorbent Losses %,                   – 3..10
  • Installed power input, kW         -18
  • Voltage                                       – by request of customer
  • Control                                        – semi automatic
  • Size (LxWxH).mm                      – 2800,2150,2150
  • Mass,kg                                       – 2200

Process of sorbent restoring

After saturation of the sorbent in sorbent cartridges with dirtiness after use in oil filtering systems, the sorbent is filled into the overturning column of CMM-RP4. The process of reactivation of the sorbent is about 20 hours. Under the influence of heat and vacuum, contamination is removed from the sorbent, then moves into in the liquid separator and is pumped into buffer tank.

Sorbent unloading

At the end of the process of reactivation of the columns covers can be opened by means of pneumatic cylinders, columns are overturned, also by means of pneumatic cylinders and sorbent unloading follows.


Overturning cylinders, easy to unload

Overturning cylinders, easy to unload

As a result, using GlobeCore‘s CMM-4RP insures more efficient operation of enterprises engaged in oil regeneration, heating oils, diesel fuel and other products.