Optional Components for Metering in Oil Purification Equipment

Dear colleague!   I’m frequently asked about the extra components put in GlobeCores’s oil filtration systems to measure different values. So please read my report to know what our purifiers set with for your comfortable oil treatment.

1.Contamination Sensor


The Contamination Sensor  is an online fluid sensor for permanent monitoring of particle contamination in fluids. The cleanliness results can either be given according to ISO/SAE or ISO/ NAS classifications

2.Moisture and Temperature Sensor


The transmitter provides on-line transformer oil measurement of both the moisture content and the temperature. The unit comes complete with a display showing the level of moisture in a “ppm” readout.

3.Gas (Hydrogen), Moisture, Temperature Transmitter


  • Online monitoring of insulation Oil in power transformers
  • Monitor health of transformers in real time
  • Information on transformers fault situation

Measures directly from oil, without a need of pumps etc.

Monitoring covers 6 gases


  • Hydrogen H2
  • Carbon monoxide CO
  • Carbon dioxide CO2
  • Methane CH4
  • Ethane C2H6
  • Ethylene C2H4
  • Acetylene C2H2

4.Sensor of Pressure/Vacuum


5.Strait sensor in a drain pan.


Protection from leaks and gentle approach to nature.



6. Foam Extinguish System



-Easy starting in cold condition
-Escaping of Operator error
– Protection of the vacuum pumps

Also we provide:

7. Option for multiple circulation of oil – for oils with a high content of water and gases

8. Possibility to switch Module GSM (SMS)

9. Explosion safety (Ex)

10. Thermal insulation of case