Pole-mounted transformer substations

transformer substations

Pole-mounted transformer substations usually consist of one 25 – 250 kVA transformer. Their main purpose is to take AC power and transform it to AC power of a different voltage. This type of equipment powers oil and gas field sites, agricultural facilities, residential buildings and low-power industrial facilities.

The substations appear as welded structures with two cabinets and a power transformer. They are installed on a special frame. The first cabinet contains high voltage input device, the second cabinet contains a low voltage distribution device.

The main features of pole-mounted transformer substations are:

  • relatively quick installation;
  • simple start preparation;
  • quick disassembly;

Pole mounted substations can be transported to the site by sea, rail or road. The substation is installed using one ore more high voltage line poles. A special service platform is often installed at the top, allowing the use of the substation without fencing it.