A Presentation in Oldenburg for Ethiopian Guests

In the middle of November, a GlobeCore equipment presentation was held in Oldenburg for visitors from Ethiopia.

The guests were able to see the equipment for purification and regeneration of various oil types, solid insulation drying and power transformer vacuum evacuation, as well as equipment for purification and clarification of fuel.

Even more time was devoted to regeneration. Every country is now faced with environmental issues, Ethiopia being no exception. GlobeCore technologies not only allow to return old oil into use, but also to save on buying new oil.

Note that GlobeCore CMM-R units completely restore all properties of electrical insulation oils. The process does not require draining of oil from the transformer or even switching the transformer offline.

After the presentation, the visitors from Ethiopia expressed their wish to personally witness operation of our equipment. The equipment demonstration was performed at GlobeCore International Training Center, which provides education to oil purification system operators. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words.

GlobeCore thanks our Ethiopian colleagues for their interest and hopes for fruitful cooperation in the future.