Successful Launch of Transformer Oil Purification Equipment on an Offshore Drilling Platform

Clean Marine plant (capacity 4 m3/h) was successfully launched on July, 5 at an offshore drilling platform 250 km off the coast of Nigeria.

Electrical equipment of deep-sea oil and gas platforms has to be operated in a challenging environment due to the impact of waves, wind, salt water, as well as the distance from the shore.  Under these conditions, reliability and durability come to the fore.

The power transformer is a part of an offshore drilling platform power supply system, and its operation markedly affects the successful functioning of drilling rigs and comfortable working conditions for the staff.

Transformer oil is the most important part of a transformer insulation system, providing insulation of energized parts and heat removal from hot elements.  Unfortunately, various physical and chemical indicators of oil tend to deteriorate in operation, which adversely affects the converter plant.

The Clean Marine plant is used for maintenance of marine transformers and allows vacuuming, as well as cleaning of insulating oil from water, gases and solids.  This equipment fully complies with the requirements put forward when operating in open sea or ocean.  The Clean Marine plants are compact, well protected from moisture, and have the necessary degree of explosion protection.  The equipment can be operated in one of the following modes:

  • Transformer heating
  • Oil degassing
  • Transformer vacuuming

Timely processing of transformer oil with the help of GlobeCore equipment in marine environment can improve its physical and chemical parameters to the normalized values and increase its durability.  These measures can save money for the purchase of fresh oil, increase the reliability of power transformers and as a result, increase the reliability of power supply of an offshore drilling platform.