Types of transformer substations

transformer substations

A transformer substation is a special unit which transformers (step up or step down) voltage in electric grids and distributes electricity. Substations usually include:

  • switchboard;
  • power transformers;
  • automation and relay protection devices;
  • auxiliary devices.

There are several classifications of transformer substations, due to the variety of classifying attributes. Depending on the specifics of voltage transformation, the substations can be step up or step down. A step down substations transforms electric grid voltage to a significantly lower value. Step up substations can usually be found at power plants to increase the voltage of electricity from generators.

Location of the substation defines local or regional substations. First, electricity is received from high voltage line and transmitted to regional substations. After stepping down to 35 kV (in some cases to 6-10 kV), electricity is supplied to local substations. Those reduce voltage to 690, 400 or 230 V. Only then electricity is distributed to the consumers.

Package transformer substations is a type of substations; they are transported form the manufacturing plant to the location assembled or disassembled. In the latter case, major components are assembled on site. Package substations may contain one or two transformers. Two transformers improve efficiency of electrical supply to municipal and residential consumers.

Substations may be designed for outdoor or indoor operation. In the former case, the substations are used to power mostly small industrial or agricultural facilities etc. The latter supply power to industrial and municipal consumers, as well as oil refineries.

GlobeCore offers a wide range of equipment for maintenance and repairs of the most important part of a substation: the transformers. In particular, the products are:

  • vacuumizing and oil drying unit Iney;
  • vacuum high voltage oil filling unit UVD-4;
  • Mohave Heat air dryer;
  • BV vacuum unit (evacuates air, vapor and gases from air tight vacuum systems;
  • CFU transformer oil filtration cart;
  • CMM-R transformer oil recondition units etc.

Using the above equipment increases the reliability of electricity transmission and distribution and extends the lifetime or transformer equipment.